Je suis à prendre (1978)

Various females (Sophie Bulle, Samantha, Lydie Beggy and XNK0283) and a few males appear in the orgy sequences, including one female who appears clapping in the cinema in The Opening of Misty Beethoven (probably XNK0283).

One of the best porn films ever made.

Bertrand wants his new bride, Hélène, to adopt his swinging lifestyle. He achieves this by leaving her frustrated while his servants spike her glasses of milk with aphrodisiacs while he goes off to attend orgies at another mansion. As a result Hélène has it away with the maid, the groom and the butler, sometimes watched by her husband, until finally he consummates their marriage himself and then takes her along to the orgy, in which she takes part enthusiastically.

Jack Gregson’s blow-by-blow account –

An orgy. Woman and coin trick! Woman being done from behind as she is sucking husband’s penis. (Then vice versa.) Various nudity. Three minute scene.

BL goes horseriding…The stable man follows. They stop. They begin to fuck. She is on her back in the leaves; you can see her bush being fucked. Her legs are up, her tits out. She is moaning loudly; her face looks really sexy here. You see her arse in a back view. She still has her riding boots on. He fucks her slightly from the side. Then doggie, side on first and then a front view.She is gasping. From behind we see he’s in her ass, but then her cunt. Her tits jiggle. He strokes them. As he cums he takes his cock out and shoots his load over the small of her back, rubbing his cock between her buttocks. Four minute scene. He leaves her lying on all fours, totally knackered.

Morning. BL in bed. Brought milk by a maid (Karine Gambier) wearing a maid’s clothes. Lying on her back, BL starts to masturbate, playing with her tits, writhing in a fever, wriggling, gasping, bucking her hips up and down, naked from the waist down. She is staring at the maid, fingering her pussy, shouting out. Astonishingly sexy! Gambier takes out a massive black dildo and brings it to the bed. As BL uses it vigorously on herself (now totally naked), the maid strips to her stockings and suspenders and plays with her own pussy and tits while standing. BL fucks herself vigorously; you can hear her wet lips. She gasps loudly. Gambier comes to the bed and kneels, holding the dildo and fucking BL, whose legs are wide open. Gambier then holds the other end to her pussy to fuck BL, and rubs her breasts. BL comes. Six minute scene.

BL at table; drinks milk. Becomes horny. Lifts skirt and fingers herself. Moans. Strokes her pussy and thigh. Takes the old man’s (Robert Leray’s) cock as she sits in chair. Heavy gasps. Stable man stands by her and she takes his cock in her mouth. CUT Behind the wall, watching, is the husband. Gambier is sucking his penis. Using her hand too. Slurping. CUT BL being fucked and still sucking. Tits being felt. CUT Gambier sucking, man stroking her hair. CUT BL still doing it. Creaking of chair. CUT Gambier sucking and wanking the man slowly. CUT BL now sat on younger man’s (Jean-Pierre Armand’s) lap as the old man fucks her from front. Gasps as he enters her. Her breasts look brilliant. CUT Gambier licking around the husband’s head. CUT BL lies on back on younger man. Still being fucked. CUT Gambier from behind as her head is fucked by husband. Heavy moans from BL as Gambier licks husband’s cock. Five minute scene.

CUT To another orgy: Various sex, including woman backwards in husband’s lap. Noisy. Woman with dildo has her pussy; he is in her backside. All fucking! Elsewhere double cocksucking. All sorts. Ends with BL sex dream, quick cuts.

BL goes for night walk, in a bit of a trance. Finds Gambier and old servant asleep together. Strips herself and slips into bed. Begins to fondle man’s cock and KG’s pussy. Man quickly gets hard. Strokes her tits. CUTAWAY BL on all fours with KG licking her pussy CUTAWAY same again, with BL sucking man’s penis CUTAWAY same, BL sucking hard, KG still licking her out CUTAWAY now BL is just sucking man’s cock. CUTAWAY KG back on BL’s pussy. BL’s tits hanging down beautifully CUTAWAY BL sits holding her breasts for the man to wank his cock in between them! BL wanks it. KG strokes it. Man puts it right between BL’s breasts. BL sucks it, very deep. CUTAWAY KG under BL in 69 again. Man behind BL, wanking. Puts his cock in her pussy. Fucks hard. Heavy moaning, BL’s head back. Plays with KG. Old guy starts to come. Seven minutes.

House. BL, KG, stableman, old man. Make BL drink the milk. BL starts to stroke pussy and gasp. They watch. She slips a finger inside herself. KG leads BL into centre of room. She is stripped. The old man sucks her tits. She writhes as both men stroke her. Then she kneels and takes the old man’s cock in her mouth. Her tits dangle, she is on all fours, the other man fucking her pussy. Loud moans. The young man strokes her smooth skin, arse, back, tits. Her face is right over the other man’s cock. Then the maid appears wearing a strap on. The young man gets underneath BL, his cock in her pussy; the dildo goes in her ass (faked) and the maid fucks her. Loud gasps. She begins to suck the cock again. Looks amazing. KG’s ass looks good too. Young man comes over BL’s ass cheeks. Six minute scene.

BL in her wedding dress and her husband go for a horseride. Stop in stone barn. Her clothes are pulled back and they begin to have sex. First time these two have done it. Him on top, her legs up. She looks great in her wedding clothes but it’s a straightforward scene compared to the others in the film. Three minutes.

Go to orgy where he ‘presents’ his BL. Strips from white dress and looks amazing in black boots. Lies on bed. Suddenly one man is fucking her mouth, others all around as orgy really gets kicking. Then BL is on someone, amazing shot of her ass as she sits on his cock. A woman sucks her breasts. Another man starts to fuck her arse (faked). There are about five or six people on the bed. Moans galore! Woman in husband’s lap. BL head over side of bed, one cock in her mouth, someone else fucking her. Legs and boots in the air. Man cums on BL’s belly. Another two on her tits. Five minute scene.

Alternate Titles
Hot Love DVD available West Germany, Beate Uhse, Tabu DVD
I Am Yours to Take literal translation
Mia moglie, l’eroticissima Italy, Shendene, soft version
Sobresaliente en lujuria Take Me