L’amant de poche (1978)

At 25, Helena (Mimsy Farmer) is “middle-aged” for a prostitute. When 15-year-old Julien’s callow friends try to pick her up (not knowing that she is a prostitute), she allows Julien (Pascal Sellier) to win her favors. Something about him appeals to her, and she sees him from time to time. Bespelled by his first sexual and romantic experiences with her, he is at first blind to the nature of her profession but gradually understands it. Meanwhile, she has come to care for the boy more than she planned to, and to keep from causing him further harm, she breaks off with him. Even though Julien is devastated, his father, an understanding man, is able to help.

Directed by: Bernard Queysanne
Mimsy Farmer … Héléna
Pascal Sellier … Julien
Madeleine Robinson … Madame Josée
Bernard Fresson … Gilbert
Andréa Ferréol … La mère de Julien
Serge Sauvion … Le père de Julien
Stéphane Jobert … Capo
Monique Delbourg … Véronique
Eva Ionesco … Martine