Tijuana Blue (1971)

Director: Howard Ziehm
Writer: Walter R. Cichy  

CAST: Fran Spector, Marsha Bishop, Howard Alexander, Eve Orlon, Martin Victor, Dee Serano

Two drug runners get caught up in the Tijuana sex scene and busty Mexican whores in squalid city of corruption! Another Vinegar Syndrome lost gem from their Peekarama series.

Meek drug runner Jamie finds out that his girlfriend has a bun in the oven, so he decides to team up with his excitable buddy Rick to embark on a dope run from Tijuana to Los Angeles to score enough dough to pay for an abortion. However, said dope run proves to be rife with distractions in the form of several greedy, yet enticing Mexican whores. Director Howard Ziehm, working from an eventful script by Frank Cozart, relates the engrossingly sordid story at a steady pace, makes nice use of a few grungy locations, vividly captures a seedy south of the border atmosphere, spices things up with a hysterically funny sense of earthy humor, and even provides a valid and provocative central point about the desperate measures one will resort to in order to get out of a tough spot. The sex scenes are really raw and arousing, with a lengthy sequence in a scuzzy bar involving two skeevy prostitutes rating as the definite sleazy highlight. There are many hot harlots our hapless duo encounter while crawling around Mexico in search of their connection. Keith Erickson cuts a suitably sinister figure as no-nonsense ringleader The Man. The plain cinematography further enhances the overall pleasingly tangy’n’trashy mood.

Date: July 15, 2020