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Diakopes stin Ydra (1986)

Alternate Titles
La Danza dei desideri Dir. Stratos Markidis (no alias used) Italy
Diakopes stin Aegina VHS title
Erotes stin Idra
Griechische Liebesnächte Dir. Stratos Markidis (no alias used) DVD available Herzog, c. 82 mins.
Hot Super Love West Germany, Videorama
Summer Love

Only Telis Stallone (as Telly Stalone) and Rosy Esterhizen are credited in the Italian video release.

Plot summary from skin flick –

On the Greek island of Hydra (Diakopes stin Idra means Holidays on Hydra), in a villa perched on a hillside, lives burly, bearded, Arabian-robe clad Tolis. He has invited some older men over as well as black girl Lola and blonde girl Rosa. Another blonde and a brunette with a curly mane enjoy having sex in the rocks by the sea. The older guests keep spying on the sexual encounters going on with their binoculars. The chauffeur and the handyman join in. The film ends with a huge birthday party, complete with a cake adorned with a sex toy, which turns into a big orgy.

Plot summary from skatschko –

Greek-American Tom, on the occasion of his annual visit to the homeland, is invited, by his friend Tolis, to spend his summer holidays at his villa on the beautiful Greek island of Idra (Hydra). He is welcomed at the airport by Jimmy and black girl Lola, two of Tolis’s hosts. In the yacht that carries them to Idra, another guest (the blonde girl Rosa) joins them, having sex with both Jimmy and the captain. Upon his arrival at the villa, Tom participates in a large number of sex scenes, involving mainly Jimmy and his two foreign girlfriends (Carol and Annie), the gardener (Stallone), a great anal sex addict, Rosa and Lola. Together with his friend, Mr Spanopoulos, Tom proves to be a great voyeur and enjoys watching all of the guests having sex in all possible combinations, while he and his friend profit occasionally from some blowjobs by Rosa and Lola. On the occasion of a birthday party, where more male guests join in, a big sex orgy takes place, bringing the film to its erotic climax.

Notes from skatschko –

This great Greek film, one of the best Greek hardcore productions of the 1980s, was probably shot earlier (around 1982 or 1983) than the officially given date of release. It totally lacked opening credits in both its cinema and video releases. As was the case with most of the Olympus Productions films of Thanassis Mikhaïlidis (Stratos Markidis), its video box-cover reproduced quite mechanically some more or less familiar names of performers who actually starred in some of their other productions (Katerina Spathi, Ajita [Wilson], Elena Danou, Alexis Papas [Herbie Hoffer], Notis Pitsios). With the exception of Pitsios (= Pitsilos), who does actually perform (in what was to be his unique hardcore appearance – a blowjob by black girl Lola), none of the rest appears in this film. (Pitsilos was the permanent peeping Tom of many 1980s Greek porn films),

In contrast, the most recent Herzog DVD edition of its German version (of an excellent technical quality) has the following opening credits. Stratos Markidis is given as the director (confirming officially the suspicions that this, nowadays very famous, TV producer and director hid in the 1980s behind the pseudonym Thanassis Mikhaïlidis). The performers are given as Telly Stalone, Denise Jhonson, Claire York, Peter Schwarz, Rosa Ester, Sandra Sheri, Watson McMillan and Ariane Ludwig. Five of these names correspond to actresses, although only four do appear.

Two of the male actors (the protagonist Jimmy and the black guy) were not Greek, unlike the rest of the male cast. All the girls were probably not Greek, although the blonde girl (playing Rosa) may have also appeared in some other Greek porn productions of the time.