Les mille et une perversions de Felicia (1975)

Alternate Titles
1001 Perversions of Felicia European English title
A Clockwork Nympho UK
La cuginette inglese Italy
Felicia 1976 USA, Video-X-Pix
Felicia Lolita Perverse France, Antares video release

Paul and his beautiful wife Gabrielle invite the young 15-year-old Felicia to stay with them at their home in France while her mother recovers in a hospital in Switzerland. They arrive at the airport to discover a beautiful young girl who is very unfriendly and most unhappy to stay with them.

Gabrielle, a professional photographer tries to help Felicia enjoy herself by asking her to model for her. Felicia is a very sexual model and soon both women begin to feel an overpowering desire for each other. Being a virgin Felicia seeks sexual guidance from Gabrielle.

Paul, jealous and confused about his wife’s relationship, despises Felicia as she tries to seduce him as well. Eventually the young girls sexual charms win over Paul and they all enjoy one last night of passion together before Felicia must return home. A incredibly erotic film that borders on hard-core without being crass. Beautifully photographed and directed by Français king of eroticism Max Pécas.


Quote:This the familiar story of an older but handsome man who has a beautiful wife (Rebecca Brooke), but is tempted by a younger girl, in this case the teenage daughter of his wife’s friend who comes to stay with them (Beatrice Harnois, who looks like, but isn’t, Leanora Fani). The twist here is that he is not initially interested in the sexually aggressive, petulant nubile (even though she spends about half the movie walking around their home stark naked), so SHE sets her sights on seducing the wife instead! But just to needlessly complicate matters, the guy is a schoolteacher who is being pursued by another scantily clad Lolita (played by an actress who looks like, but isn’t, Annie Belle). This girl is one of his students and the niece of his colleague, who keeps bring her and her weird androgynous brother (who looks like, but isn’t, the weird, androgynous kid from “Damned in Venice”) to the couple’s house. You would expect the whole thing would end in divorce, a lesbian conversion, and/or SOMEONE going to jail for corrupting a minor, but then this is a male fantasy above all else where there’s nothing that can’t be smoothed over by some hot three-way sex!

I’ve never seen Beatrice Harnois before, but I guess she was in the infamous French film “Pussy Talk”, and she was obviously somewhat older than her character here (she actually doesn’t look much younger than her “mother’s friend”). Rebecca Brooke (aka Mary Medum) was actually an American actress and one of the prettiest girls to ever do hardcore porn (although her hardcore career was limited to a couple scenes in Radley Metzger’s “The Image”). Besides her role as the nearly mute, submissive in that notorious S-and-M classic,, she is best known for a a pair of Joe Sarno softcore films “Confessions of an American Wife” and “Abigail Clayton is Back in Town”. The French director of this, Max Pecas, had a long career in “Eurotica”, but like Jean Rollin, Jose Benzeraf, and some others,he was largely put out of business by the advent of hardcore, a genre he was simply far too talented for. He may not have had a grasp on realistic characterizations or believable action and dialogue, but he really knew how to do some beautiful visuals. (There’s one especially impressive scene where he photographs the main couple making love underwater at night in a lighted swimming pool). This movie is not that “perverse” actually, but it is pretty erotic.