Concetta Licata III (1997)

This is a movie about the mafia, sex and violence. It is part two of a series, ‘Concetta Licata’ being the first. I should note that a Salieri sex scene does have a point in the plot, usually an unpleasant one. Salieri’s sex scenes also tend to be very short. They’re usually about power, or male gratification, or some other unhappy motive. Nevertheless, Salieri is capable of capturing some truly erotic instants in his sex, which is why I keep getting his often disturbing stuff. I don’t recommend this to hardcore raincoaters, as the sex is really not that nasty, nor the focus of the movie. Couples might appreciate it, but it’s iffy whether they’d find any sexual heat amidst all the rotten motives. Therefor, you might want to be a big fan of one of the performers before venturing into Salieri’s world.