Bordellet (1972)

The Best Little Whorehouse In Denmark (1972)
AKA: Bordellet, I Glädjens Tecken, Brothel: The Memoirs of a Pleasure Girl, Bordello, The Best Bit of Crumpet in Denmark
Director: Ole Ege
The blond and sweet 16-year old Lena comes from the rural Seeland to find her happiness in Copenhagen, Denmark. Soon she lives in a brothel and for the first time in her life she enjoys sexual pleasures and meets many older gentlemen to guide her.

Bordellet is a Danish theatrical sex comedy film made by pornographic pioneer Ole Ege and was Denmark’s first full-length hardcore feature film.
This is the Story of Ingrid, a beautiful young, farm girl. who runs away from home to find the bright lights and entertainment of high society in Denmark. She leaves behind a perverted, incestuous father and her boyfriend, whom she will miss as he is more than well endowed with assets which, as you will see, are important to Ingrid. On arriving at Aarhus, Ingrid meets up with Lord Hans Kleber, who takes her under his wing – and under his bedclothes! This period set sex extravaganza is a cross between Fanny Hill and Autobiography Of A Flea. The story takes place around 1900 and involves a young girl, a brothel and a hidden treasure. Typical for Danish hardcore sex comedies of the 1970s, the production was not blocked from hiring people from the mainstream film industry. The crew included cinematographer Morten Arnfred, also known as co-director of the TV miniseries The Kingdom (1994). The cast includes comedian Gotha Andersen, a popular mainstream film and television actor and popular singer Inger-Lise Gaarde. Although not financially successful this film started a decade-long run of hardcore sex comedies in Denmark.