Casa privata per le SS (1977)

Alternate Titles
Hôtel du plaisir pour SS
La Maison privée des SS
Perversions du IIIe Reich
Private House of the SS
SS Girls

Italian maestro Bruno Mattei is responsible for an endless amount of cinematic crud, so much so that his list of pseudonyms rivals that of Jess Franco. Ok, so Mattei is no Dario Argento or Mario Bava, or even Sergio Martino, but he’s grinded out enough big screen sleaze to have a name in the cult movie world, even if it’s a much maligned one. Having done horror and sci-fi films, women-in-prison flicks, as well as western and war pictures, Mattei also dabbled in the Nazi exploitation genre, which was embraced like a big bowl of spaghetti and a tall glass of red wine in Italy during the 1970s. One of his tributes to the Third Reich is known as SS GIRLS in the U.S., but also goes under PRIVATE HOUSE OF THE SS, the title which is unveiled on the print of this uncut DVD edition.

Taking place during the end of World War II (that would be around 1945 for you history buffs), a Gestapo commander named Hans (Gabriele Carrara) is ordered to gather ten women to be turned into sex machines in the name of the SS. He does this by coercing super-sexy Madame Eva (Macha Magall) into recruiting her best women so they can be trained by the usual mad doctor type, Professor Jurgen (Allan Collins) and the very Italian-looking Frau Inge (Marina Daunia), who is a head-to-toe knockout, except for a nasty cheek scar that resembles a glob of burnt pizza cheese. The whole idea is to bring in a bunch of Nazi generals, have the women seduce them, and get them to admit they are traitors to the Fuhrer. Hans leads the project while ranting and raving, sustaining an unusal love triangle between Eva and Inge, and it’s obvious that he himself wants to become the new Fuhrer.

Though most Italian 1970s Nazi fare pilfered from ILSA: SHE WOLF OF THE SS, SS GIRLS takes a direct bow to Tinto Brass’ SALON KITTY. But if you find SALON KITTY a pretentious, overlong colossal bore like many, you might check out SS KITTY as a more amusing alternative. This one does away with the Frankensteinan labs and ultra gruesome experiments, and concentrates on the sex and kinkiness. Both Macha Magall (unforgettable in SS. HELL CAMP) and Marina Daunia are enticing ladiea, and they do a fair share of nudity, as does the rest of the female cast. Mattei’s insinuations of the grotesque goes as far as the girls being forced to mate with an odd assortment of freaky men (including one naturally deformed beyond description), a bestiality scene which is nothing more than a friendly German Shepherd on top of a woman, and a nasty Nazi with his eye poked out who bites a bordello whore and uses her blood for a cocktail. Lots of orgy scenes, mass suicide, a poster of Hitler that looks like it was ran off at Kinkos, a nice Nazi who finds love with a hooker and realizes how wrong his fellow soldiers are, and a Samurai Nazi with a homemade Swastika bandana and a late 70s Tony Danza haircut can all be found here.

In an unusual bit of casting, Gabriele Carrara is the most whiny, grimacing Nazi you’ll ever see, and it’s sort of like watching Sean Hayes from “Will & Grace,” yet this guy is supposed to be taken seriously. He is convincing as a man off his rocker, but not convincing as a man in awe of the sultry body of Ms. Magall. Watch as he bellyaches over another Nazi’s soiled underpants! The supporting cast is a sight to see. Allan Collins (aka Luciano Pigozzi, and yes I’ll say it again, the Peter Lorre of Italy) is the cruel white-coated doctor who examines women’s private parts and slaps them in the face. The naked, Neanderthal-like Salvatore Baccaro (aka Sal Boris or Boris Lugosi) is in the movie long enough to chase an unfortunate girl around a bedroom (much like a perverted “Benny Hill” sketch), but to really see him in action, watch SS HELL CAMP. The most surprising appearance is by an uncredited Walter Brandi (star of a trio of early 60s Italian vampire films, as well as TERROR CREATURES FROM THE GRAVE and BLOODY PIT OF HORROR) as one of the Nazi generals. Looking much older and stockier than he did during his 60s heyday, viewers familiar with his early work will be surprised to see the actor licking wine of a naked blonde or getting flogged in his long johns!