Rosa la rose, fille publique (1986)

Director: Paul Vecchiali
Studio: Diagonale, Peripherie Production, Stephan Films

Starring: Marianne Basler, Jean Sorel, Pierre Cosso, Laurent Levy, Catherine Lachens, Evelyne Buyle, Pierre Oudrey, Heinz Schwarzinger, Regine Benedetti, Jean-Louis Rolland, Jean Bollery, Pascal Guiomar, Rene Joly, Stephane Jobert, Daniel Briquet, Michel Valette, Jacques Nolot

—Rosa la Rose is the most beautiful prostitute of Les Halles. Every client wants her and she accepts everything. Her pimp is a sympathetic and generous man and there is not much to tell about Rosa’s life. Until one day she meets Julien, a young guy, and falls in love with him. But will it be worthy to leave her life for a madness love?
—Rosa la Rose is a Parisian hooker who works in Les Halles area. Her pimp is an understanding guy and she leads an uneventful life. One day she meets Julien, a young worker and falls in love with him. She is torn now between her new found love and her “professional conscience”…