The Violation of Claudia (1977)

A 1977 XXX remake of Luis Bunuel’s Belle De Jour starring a fantastic cast of seventies smut film superstars. Made back when adult films needed a plot and semi-competent cinematography and acting, The Violation Of Claudia tells the story of the lonely titular housewife (Sharon Mitchell) who is stuck in a relationship with her husband Jason (Don Peterson). Their marriage isn’t so hot though, as Jason just can’t seem to find the time to take care of Claudia’s womanly needs.
Rather than go without and become miserable, she seeks satisfaction from others, starting a whole thirty four seconds into the film when she indulges herself in a lesbian orgy that kicks the movie off nicely. Claudia lays naked on the couch while the other three ladies (Long Jeanne Silver credited as Long Jeanie Silvers, Justine Fletcher and an unrecognizable girl) ravish her orally and otherwise. The acid trip music swells up in the background as she comes closer to a climax, her yelps getting louder as the music becomes more absurd. Turns out it was all just a sexy dream! When she wakes up and wants some though, Jason wants nothing to do with her so she decides to take matters into her own hands.
The next day, Claudia heads to her tennis lessons and after a session on the court and a quick lunch, she decides to seduce Kip (Jamie Gillis), her instructor. He’s into it though, replacing her masseuse and taking advantage of her in the sauna while the masseuse he replaced peers in through a window. Kip decides he can make something of her and so he starts setting her up as a woman of the evening, arranging ‘dates’ for her. After a relaxing dinner with her husband, Sharon moves on over to Victor’s place for a little after dinner dirty fun. They screw in front of a fireplace while soft music plays in the background. After that, she heads over to Kip’s place where she and he watch two friends (Roger Caine and Crystal Synch) have sex. After that, Claudia heads over to her meet with one of her dates who just so happens to be a nice looking blonde (Gandi Sanders) with a taste for expensive champagne. They drink on the couch of her NYC apartment and then start kissing. You can figure out what happens next. This is the longest and hottest scene in the film as the two girls do seem really into each other here and also treat each other with that kind of tenderness that makes it all seem pretty authentic rather than putting on a show for the camera.
As Claudia becomes more comfortable in her new role in life, she heads over to visit a senator (Waldo Short). He is a short, fat, bald man who has Claudia over to help him work out his kink. He has her lay on her back atop his dining room table, naked, so that he can cover her with whipped crème. Once he’s done this, he goes to town as she giggles like a schoolgirl. Then he puts hot fudge all over his dick using a paintbrush and, still lying on her back, she returns the favor. When she arrives home after taking care of business, she finds that Kip has been in on this all along and that Jason had more to do with things that Claudia first realized.
This film moves along at a nice pace, almost an ideal pace for an adult film. The sex is plentiful and pretty hot though it’s shot with a slightly more careful eye than your average dirty movie. The performances are about as good as they get in this type of movie, with Mitchell and Gillis leading the pack and delivering some stand out work. Mitchell looks fantastic here, she’s lean and lithe but healthy looking and very attractive and enthusiastic in her role. She handles the dramatic side of things rather well too and her scenes with Gillis are really well done. As to Gillis, he plays ‘smug’ better than anyone ever could and he brings that fantastic screen p presence of his to the movie in a big way. Throw ‘Long’ Jeanne Silver into the mix and a few other notables from the era and you’ve got yourself a winner. Great location photography, a solid score and really nice production values help here too. Lustig also wrote and edited the film and he definitely put some effort into creating something worthwhile.