Massagesalon Elvira (1978)

A young girl takes on work at a massage parlor only to discover that it is actually a whorehouse. She does her best to fit in with some on the job training.

Original nfo:
3 TABU and LOVE clips from around 1977

Clip 1: “Massagesalon Elvira” (1978) – Anne Magle, Clyda Rosen (2nd film after her reverse breast-engineering), Karine Gambier.

Clip 2: A different version of clip 1;patched together from “Eine verdammt heisse Braut 1” and “30 Jahre TABU” – some additional footage, some scenes look different to me. The old guy on the S8-cover (he does not appear in the LOVE-vid or in the S8) has a short scene with Anne Magle. Boring parts cut away (Billian did that!).

Clip 3: “Verfuehrt”(1976) – Uschi Stieglmaier, Marie-Luise Lusewitz (because it’s on the tape).