Lust in the Woods (1990)

After being stranded on a remote country road by a car breakdown, a couple whose marriage is in peril wanders through an expansive forest, desperate for signs of hope. Fraiser, the workaholic husband and a bundle of nerves, cannot easily endure the chaos of nature all about them. To him each moment away from civilization increases the likelihood that they will meet an untimely death, lost to humanity forever. Whereas his wife, Hyapatia, works to see the best in their situation, often drawing comfort in treasured childhood memories from her American Indian upbringing. Another married couple of free spirits, whom this castaway and her husband soon encounter, boosts her optimism even though the strangers are hiking for reasons that bewilder and annoy straight-arrow Fraiser. And the newly met neo-hippies clumsily reveal a path to a salvation neither he nor Hyapatia expected