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A Thousand and One Erotic Nights Part II: The Forbidden Tales (1988)

A sultan searches for the most erotic women in his kingdom, served up to him by his aide.

Although this is billed as Part II, it has no connection to the first film because in that one, Scheherezade becomes the Sultan’s mistress after telling her stories, but in this one, Scheherezade makes her appearance at the end of the film and captures the Sultan’s eye. Mind you, for anyone watching a hard-core porn film like this, such matters are probably unimportant anyway. Also probably low on the list of priorities are the sets, which in this case are a mixed bag: the S and M set looks to be properly constructed but the Sultan’s camp looks like a collection of cardboard cut-outs.

There are seven or eight scenes depending on how you count the action, but in the main most of the action is about girls being summoned to the Sultan’s camp in order to restore his libido. Most of the action concentrates on oral sex but Tammy White and Rayann Drew play two really cute young sisters who tease the judge (Jamie Gillis) with lesbian action. Also of note is Karen Bree who plays Mistress Elita, the gorgeous disciplinarian. There is an orgy scene and that also concentrates mainly on oral sex. This scene includes porn stalwarts, Nina Hartley and Joey Silvera. At the end though, it is Scheherezade (Keri Foxx) who restores the Sultan’s performance, much to the Sultan’s shock, judging by the look on his face.

The writers did try a bit of humour when the court magician conjures up an apple and a mouse but fails to conjure up a stiffy for the Sultan; and there was also the innuendo about Lady Vivianne’s orgies, but the whole production would have been better if the characters had time to be introduced to the film instead of going straight into hard-core action.

  • Scene 1. Bunny Bleu, Kristara Barrington, Sandy Summers, Francois
  • Scene 2. Patti Petite, Jon Martin
  • Scene 3. Rayanne Drew, Tami White
  • Scene 4. Buffy Davis, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 5. Alexis Greco, Bunny Bleu, Keli Richards, Kristara Barrington, Nina Hartley, Chris Chase, Joey Silvera, Steve Drake
  • Scene 6. Keli Richards, Chris Chase, Francois
  • Scene 7. Jennifer Noxt, Karen Bree, Francois
  • Scene 8. Kari Foxx, Francois
Date: August 8, 2022