Malamore (1982)


The story takes place in 1915 in a country of the Veneto, in a war zone. The villa Gianmarco lawyer, lives his son, Marcello, a dwarf who suffers from his disability. The villa is also used as a military hospital. It ‘s so that Marcello succeeds in making friends with Caesar, and with two other soldiers, one blind and the other maimed. Marcello can thus escape from the prison of his suffering isolation. By Caesar, Marcello knows, in a small brothel, and Mary falls in love, But Caesar takes twisted him and Mary want to use it to strip Marcellus of his wealth, especially as represented. Gianmarco died in a bombing, leaving Marcello sole heir. In addition to use of Mary, the implementation of its criminal design. Caesar is the collaboration of two soldiers incapacitated. Is the retreat and the Austrians conquered the country. Caesar and deserts, not to be mistaken for a spy, claims to be blind. Now everything is ready for the abolition of Marcellus, but Mary does not feel to betray him, warns him because flee in the car. In disarray, Mary is invested by its red spider Marcello and wounded in the legs, remains paralyzed. Caesar was discovered and shot by the Austrians. The other two accomplices fled. Maria and Marcello are left alone, united in their isolation and joint pain.