Ecco lingua d’argento (1976)

Well-photographed softcore with some comedy and, most importantly, the beautiful Carmen Villani and Nadia Cassini.

Director: Mauro Ivaldi
Studio: Summit Film

Starring: Carmen Villani, Nadia Cassini, Roberto Cenci, Gianfranco D’Angelo, Huberta Shaw, Enzo Andronico, Ali Zaiem, Roberto Pace.

Description: On the Mediterranean shores of Africa, Billy who is in love with the beautiful Andrea rushes to the airport for her arrival, returning from Paris with her husband. However, Billy’s happiness immediately breaks when he learns that he must stay at his house, at the request of Andrea, Bobby, Andrea’s lover, and Dr. Emmanuelle, Bobby’s friend, who will try in vain to cure him of his irrepressible desire to be a woman, indulging himself in him, after having hypnotized him. After realizing that Bobby wasn’t the right man for her, Andrea falls in love with Billy