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Ecco lingua d’argento (1976)

Well-photographed softcore with some comedy and, most importantly, the beautiful Carmen Villani and Nadia Cassini.
It is very slightly longer than the TVRip available here but it should be the same master. There’s still plenty of nudity but I’m not sure if it’s cut or not.

Also Known As:
Also Known As (AKA)
Emmanuelle’s Silver Tongue (undefined)
Lengua de plata (Spain)
Lingua d’argento (Italy, pre-release title)


Carmen Villani
Nadia Cassini
Roberto Cenci
Gianfranco D’Angelo

Mauro Ivaldi directed this entertaining Italian coming-of-age sex comedy. Roberto Cenci is the eternally frustrated young Billy, whose wealthy family is visited at their home in Northern Africa by the beautiful Andrea (Carmen Villani), who once promised to take Billy’s virginity when he reached maturity. Billy’s efforts to consummate the act are continually thwarted until pretty therapist Emmanuelle (Nadia Cassini) relieves him of his accursed virginity under hypnosis.

Date: May 25, 2020