Ammazzare il tempo (1979)

Director: Domenico Rafele (as Mimmo Rafele)
Studio: Delia film

Starring: Stefania Casini, Fabio Garriba, Paola Morra, Angelo Infanti, Flavio Bucci
—Sara, a thirty-year-old journalist returning from the rebellion of ’68, experiences the contradictions of her integration into the society she had rejected. Her partner is Igor, a young psychoanalyst all taken by the anxiety of explaining and defining the world. This well-constructed existence begins to creak when Sara, after attending an autopsy for work, rushes to Igor, who however leaves her at the door. While drinking at the bar opposite, Sara sees a yellow stain through the windows of Igor’s room, which gives her the certainty that another woman has replaced her in those walls. Humiliated, Sara runs off in the car, but shortly after she is forced to brake as a little girl, Baby Anna, cut her off and collided with her car. Sara, without understanding why her, invites her to her house where, shortly after, she will discover that the yellow spot is her girl. A strange relationship begins between the two women: Sara wants to know why Igor is with Baby Anna, what she finds in that girl. The loneliness and the falsity of her relationship with Igor are slowly revealed: Sara, suddenly fragile, attempts suicide, but it will be Baby Anna who will save her from making that rash gesture. Then Igor would like to right the wrong he has committed and marry her, while Baby Anna, disgusted by the adult world full of lies, decides to leave for her life as a stray of her. Sara, having learned of the girl’s decision, decides to go with her to escape from this world. But the network of relationships that Sara has left of her does not allow her to go far and one day, reading an article about her, she realizes that she must return, that she is not free, that she is no longer like Baby Anna. In a last attempt to escape, Sara steals a wheelchair, throwing it into a mad and desperate race, but she ends up in the police station. Baby Anna disappears and, a few hours later, it is Igor who frees her by paying the bail (Google Translate)
—Sara, a journalist who lived on the front line of the revolutionary riots of 1968, runs over a seventeen-year-old girl and, given her refusal to be taken to the nearest hospital, decides to accompany her to her home. The woman becomes attached to the girl and discovers that she suffers from drug addiction; in addition, she would be dating her partner, a psychotherapist specialized in this area. She will be she intends to look deeper … (Google Translate)