Naughty! (1974)

This is an examination of pornography and sexual mores since the times of Queen Victoria, when the guardians of public morality were far more hypocritical than they are now, in the seventies. Or are they? Take the plight of average British male Horace (Chris Lethbridge-Baker), who is delighted at the new loosening of restrictions on pornography, but cannot translate this into his home life when his wife is so opposed to sex. Horace is reduced to traipsing round the sex shops of London, occasionally being tempted by the odd, decidedly tame blue movie…

Much like the audience for Naughty! would have been back in 1971, for this was smut expert Stanley A. Long’s pseudo-documentary on the subject closest to his heart, that of how much flesh he could get away with showing under the pretence of being a serious investigation. Alarm bells should be ringing when the dramatic reconstructions far outweigh the footage of interviewees, although those actual people, as opposed to the actors, are far more hair-raising even today than anything Long and his co-scripter Suzanne Mercer can come up with.

Director: Stanley A. Long
Studio: Salon Productions

Starring: Chris Lethbridge-Baker, Lee Donald, Brenda Peters, Nina Francis, Shane Raggett, Lois Penson, Deborah Fairbridge, Arthur Skinner, Rosalie Westwater, Frederick Wolfe, Jane Cardew, Bill Ward, Declan Mulholland, Hamish Roughead, Jim O’Connor