Profumo (1987)

Director: Giuliana Gamba
Studio: Metro Film S.r.l.

Starring: Florence Guerin, Luciano Bartoli, Robert Egon, Stefano Sabelli, Giuliano Sestili, Vasco Santoni, Erminia Garofano.

Description: Lorenza and Corbi’s marriage revolves around sexual games with menacing scripts and voyeurism. When she’s finally had enough, she leaves for their beach house and gets involved with a gardener, the younger, androgynous Edward. But Corbi is difficult to escape, physically and psychologically: he spies on the lovers, hires goons to assault Edward, and maintains a hold over Laurie’s imagination. Taking advantage of Edward’s soft looks, she dresses him as a woman and herself as a man in a plot to ensnare and humiliate Corbi in his wanton ways. Will the plan work? Do Laurie and Edward have a future?

Alternative Titles:
Asynithista pathi

Actors: Florence Guerin