Me, a Groupie AKA Ich, ein Groupie (1970)

I enjoyed this much more than I expected after the adverse comments of others. A 1970 film from Mr Dietrich about a groupie travelling across Europe with rock bands and hippies was never going to be high art and instead I certainly got what I hoped for. Splendidly lurid sexploitation featuring a lovely Ingrid Steeger who wears sexy clothes now and again but not too often. A surprisingly large amount of time is spent over the preparation and administration of various drugs and the music and musicians authentic enough. I don’t know how terrible the dialogue is in the original but certainly the English dub is pretty bad and made worse because it seems to be spoken by a couple of ex public school types with no interest whatsoever in the project. The movie moves along nicely enough, doesn’t outstay it’s welcome and has one or too extraordinary moments. I was particularly surprised at first with the vigour of the Hell’s Angels attack in the water and then astonished to see the naked girls riding off on the backs of two of the bikes. Real roads, in traffic, seemingly at speed. Don’t think health & safety requirements would permit that today! Perhaps most surprising of all is that we actually get to see the DVD box cover scene with Ingrid nude upon the snowy mountain. Irresistible trash.