Sixteen (1973)

A beautiful young girl from the country experiences life’s bittersweet realities in this coming-of-age drama set in the rural South. When a highway is built near her home and a traveling carnival comes to town, the teenage Naomi (Simone Griffeth) falls in love for the first time and is exposed to the seedier side of human nature. Mercedes McCambridge, Buddy Foster, Ford Rainey, Beverly Powers and Maidie Norman star.

Low-budget trashy tale involving a backwoods couple acquiring a large sum of cash. They decide to take their three kids to the state fair, where their two elder children (a boy and girl in their teens with an implied incestuous relationship) are corrupted by some shifty carnival folks. The girl is coerced into sex with a daredevil motorcycle rider (in front of an audience), and the boy becomes prey to a busty stage dancer who is after the family’s cash. A pretty terrible film that might be quirky enough to interest fans of odd obscurities. A few decent soft sex scenes may be missing from some prints. Mercedes McCambridge walks through this with a decidedly uneasy look There is a particularly strange scene early on, where the older brother and sister run off hand-in-hand and go skinny-dipping in a particularly filthy-looking pond while hippy-dippy early seventies music plays.

The only recognizable star is Mercedes McCambridge, who appeared in several European Jess Franco films and also provided Linda Blair’s demonic voice in “The Exorcist.”

Sixteen was filmed in Valdosta, Georgia, in 1971-1972, using many locals as actors. The film made its world premiere in Valdosta and was very much disliked by everyone.