Fireworks (1981)

Beautiful and lusty European women call on a special group of “firemen” to start, rather than extinguish, sexual fires.

This seems to be Alan Vydra’s original edit – Beate Uhse made a slightly different version titled “Lover Gang”.
The Italian producer/distributor “Edizioni Tropici” took Uhse’s “Lover Gang” as it was and put an Italian dub over it.

TABU/LOVE published a DVD of “Lover Gang” a few years ago but the picture is not very good.

One can read “Made by Alan” on many Super 8 films (mainly on the “Professional” Label).
Is this Alan Vydra also?

The beautiful Carolyn Grace made only 2 films afaik, the other one is “Happening” (1981). She appeared in  a lot of photoshoots, most of them unfortunately with that Italian Dumpfbacke Pontello – see scans.

Danielle Martin appears on some “Fireworks”-covers – she isn’t in the film

Trailer of “Sound of Love” at the end.

source:  Beate Uhse/Videorama PAL-VHS

Alternate Titles
Fire Works Tabu Love
Firework on-screen title, Beate Uhse release
Il Grande petalo del sesso DVD Shendene with La Nipote preferita dal nonno
The Lover Gang