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Bizzare Moods (1976)

The anonymously made “Bizzare Moods” (sic), besides its clumsily misspelled title, begins with an unusual credit, listing star Gloria Leonard as “publisher of High Society magazine”. Yes she was, and she brings a bit of class to this sordid movie.

It’s an unconvincing fantasy, in which manila envelopes inscribed “Please soak me in water” are delivered to the apartments of stars Gloria Leonard and Vanessa Del Rio after a dinner party. Placed in the bathroom sink, each envelope turns magically into several chintzy looking large bauble rings, which have aphrodisiac powers. That’s the entire plot synopsis for a 1-day wonder delivering less than an hour of raw sex.

A Black girl is mixed-combo making love to a Noel Redding-hairdo guy in the living room when Leonard gets home from her job at a dinner party. Gloria heads to the bathroom to masturbate with a huge dildo (she complains to herself that it’s just not long enough to get the other end into her rectum), when the magic rings trick gets her even hornier and she joins the lovers for a threesome.

Meanwhile, a nondescript pair from the party head to their high rise pad, and the guy beats his girl unmercifully with his belt while he makes love to her. Quipping “We’re in New York and you’re gonna do what I want to do”, he gives her quite a workout, mostly filmed like the rest of MOODS in gynecological closeups.

Vanessa, another party-goer, is in the next room in the high-rise with her boyfriend doing what comes naturally. When she soaks her manila envelope and tries on the rings, the whipped lady from next door joins her in the bathroom, puts on a ring and lesbian sex ensues. A foursome follows, with the nasty man-with-belt also donning a ring and doing his thing with Vanessa. He gets his comeuppance when Vanessa sticks a big dildo into his posterior during sex – I guess that qualifies as “bizzare”?

Meanwhile, Gloria calls up a tall black stud Jeff (who was introduced as the larcenous coat-check guy at the dinner party) and invites him for some more mixed-combo action. Many money shots later the film ends with the rings magically disappearing.

This junk is very poorly directed, but evidently was just what the doctor ordered at “rough” storefront theaters back in the day. I have no idea which of the practitioners of kinky porn was responsible -it doesn’t remind one of the work of Joe Davian, Phil Prince, Carter Stevens and certainly not Shaun Costello – perhaps it was an unknown maven.

Soundtrack is mostly funky jazz keyboards, with some Pink Floyd thrown in and pleasant strains of Les McCann’s wonderful hit “The Shampoo” in the final reel.