Schulmädchen-Report 9: Reifeprüfung vor dem Abitur (1975)

Alternate Titles
Collégiennes en folie
Varsity Playthings
When Girls Make Love UK

Schoolgirl Report 9 revolves around two carloads of kids who’ve just left a drinking party, engage in a high-speed race and predictably have a wreck. During their investigation, the police reflect on the histories of several of the teens involved in the accident: Scene 1: Petra Klassman (Gina Janssen) has just turned 18, and against her parents’ wishes, decides to marry Horst, an auto mechanic. Their honeymoon is a bust, thanks to a nosy old innkeeper. And marital bliss is also elusive, as the differences in their social and intellectual levels become more evident. Within a few months, Petra is back in class, a single schoolgirl once again. Scene 2: Tessy Van Straaten relates the tale of her wealthy classmate, Lilo (Puppa Armbruster), who hosts an orgy for her fellow students while the folks are out of town. The virginal Tessy reluctantly agrees to go, despite efforts by an older classmate, Paul Bellmann, to dissuade her. She is surprised, therefore, when Paul shows up at the party loaded down with extra booze for the punchbowl. In reality, he’s spiked the punch with sleeping drugs in order to rescue Tessy from Lilo’s friends. And Lilo’s parents are confronted with a house full of knocked-out naked teenagers when they return home. Scene 3: Elke Parsberg (Uschi Karnat) is called to the hospital to fill in some background on her unconscious friend, Susanne Ströhmeyer (Sandra Atia). Susi’s trouble began when her stepfather caught them experimenting one night, and he used her fear of exposure to sexually abuse her. Inevitably, her mother catches the two of them, and her stepfather concocts a story that makes Susi look like the sexual predator. However, Susi’s doctor has determined she’s pregnant, and Elke lays out the whole sordid affair – leaving it to the doctor’s conscience what to do. Scene 4: Katja (Christine Szenetra) reluctantly agrees to attend her parents’ 20th wedding anniversary – put off by their severe, authoritarian attitude toward her. But she’s unaware of their complete transformation. In fact, she’s quite put out when she finds their new personas to be superficially hip and overly permissive. Scene 5: Claudia (Marianne Dupont) has been traumatized by a flasher in the park, causing terror at the sight of a penis. Naturally, this is a problem for her boyfriend, Achim Forster, which culminates in frustration boiling over, as he leaves her for the fateful drinking party. Scene 6: Monika Schmieding is a high school drop-out who’s taken up with Karl Henschel, an unemployed leather worker. Karl can’t find work, so Monika goes to Albert’s party to see if she can ‘negotiate’ a job for him. However, she gets cold feet at the last minute – but sometimes good intentions are enough!