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Oltre la Vita (1992)

Director: Magdalena Lynn (as Nicky Ranieri)
Studio: Sascha Alexander Productions, Mario Salieri Entertainment Group

Starring: Beatrice Valle, Lynn LeMay, Tabatha Cash, Judith De Ville, Susy Salvatores, Cjilla March, Eric Weiss, Philippe Soine, Patrick Le Nain, Ron Jeremy, Roberto Malone, Mario Renzi, Jasmine
Description: Roberto’s wife is attacked by two armed men as they shot her and leave her for dead near her car. Her spirit rises from her body. She finds her self in another time line during the medieval time and gets in to some encounters with the medieval men and maidens. Will her spirit be trapped in this medieval world or can she make it back to her own world alive again?

Alternate Titles
Demon Italien
My Sex Life as a Ghost German release Sascha Alexander Productions 2021