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Anomaloi erotes sti Santorini (1983)

Alternate Titles
Anomaloi Erotes stin Santorini alternative transliteration
Beach Girls West Germany, c. 63 mins. or c. 70 mins. (Relax Video)
Erotiki Fantassia ke Anomali Erotes sti Santorini Greece, longer title (only in the box-cover) of the original video release. English translation: “Erotic Fantasy and Abnormal Loves in Santorini”.
Ifestio stin Santorini Greece, Title (only in the box-cover) of a video re-release, c. 70 mins. English translation: “Volcano in Santorini”.
L’Isola dei folli piaceri Dir. given as Atanasio Michailidis Italy, Fox Video, c. 69 mins.

The opening on-screen credits include four females (credited under the names Joanna, Katerina Spathi, Elena and Ajita) and three males (Alexis Papas, Notis Pitsos and Jimmy). Overall three girls (Joanna and Katerina Spathi corresponding to one and the same person) and six guys are featured in this film, all of them taking part in the sex scenes, with the exception of Pitsilos, the eternal “Peeping Tom” of Greek porn.

On the boxcover of the original Greek VHS (under the full title Erotiki Fantassia ke Anomali Erotes sti Santorini), besides Joanna, Katerina Spathi & Notis Pitsos, three more performers are credited under the names Aliki Danou, Takis Lados and Maria Makri, none of which corresponds to any of the performers featured.

The (shorter) German version reproduces the original on-screen opening credits with the exception of the inserted “new” title (Beach Girls), but omits all the credits related to the performers (except Ajita). The Italian version, the one with the best picture quality so far, has the exact same duration as the Greek original but lacks totally any original on-screen credits (hence the small one-minute difference in duration), which are replaced by the usual red background featuring the names “Agita, Giovana Katerina Spati & Alexis Papas” with regard to the cast and irrelevant (?) names regarding the production’s crew. The disturbing dirty talking of the original version is also covered up – inappropriately, though – by a different musical score based on the tunes of popular songs.

This film is one of the first hardcore productions of the early 1980s (if not, the first ever) that mainstream director Stratos Markidis (using a pseudonym) shot for his company Olympus Films, soon after the legalization of porn in Greece. Despite the usual advantages offered in such a case (nice filming, good photography, sex scenes that “breathe” naturally), it is highly prejudiced by the systematic intercutting of the sex scenes with other ones taking place in parallel (which eventually becomes quite tiresome) as well by the emerging (yet quite strong) use of dirty talking! Markidis is also betrayed by the bad editing, since Christou & Dimitriou (who are supposedly on fuck vacation in Santorini) never (!) have sex with each other (apart from some blowjobs), while the sex scenes involving Ajita Wilson, Jimmy & N. Kokkinos (also including K. Spathi for their common final orgy segment) seem to originate from some other films probably shot at the same time (and place) by Markidis &/or his colleague and good friend Fournistakis (ex. Ta Modela tis Idonis; Ke to proto Pinelo)!

Compared to the uninspiring performances of both Wilson & Dimitriou, Katerina Spathi easily steals the show with her strong – both physical and verbal – engagement, justifying why she was considered as the best Greek female performer of the 1980s. Regarding the male performers (among which Jimmy Belarike seems to be the guy who was reported having accompanied Ajita Wilson in this – new – Greek visit, so allegedly her real-life boyfriend), Nikos Kokkinos contributes with his always a bit delirious fuck scenes, while Austrian performer H. Hofer (in what was probably one of his first appearances in a Greek porn production) was apparently having an absolutely great time very energetically fucking the Greek girls. This “cultural vagabond” (a real-life artist painter and actor, hence the role performed in this film!) moved about a lot in Europe (especially in Italy & Greece) during the 1980s; in his brief two-year period spent in Greece (in-between his two “Italian” periods) he was often featured in minor roles in several cheap comedies (some of which were shot directly on video) by all the mainstream directors that had shot in the past or kept on secretly shooting porn films!