L’educatrice (1981)

Naturally busty young blonde Jane Baker glides through this vintage French film in placid fashion – she’s a sight for sore eyes, even though lacking the passion one expects from an Adult Cinema star.

Feature opens with her picking up a stud by the river, and he immediately mugs her, leaving her unconscious on the steps down to the Seine. Rest of the show unfolds in flashback, as we see her having Sapphic sex with her friend Cathy Stewart. She wanders through the rest of the action, taking up with perverts and others in a remote, almost sleepwalking fashion. Film would have had considerably more punch with a stronger screenplay, some dialogue and just energy instead of anomie.

Musical score is enervating as well, with some imitation Procol Harum (riffing on “A Whiter Shade of Pale”) and the light side of a Francis Lai score.

Alternate Titles
Catrice West Germany, Silwa Video, short title
Die Nymphomanin Catrice West Germany, Silwa Video