Fäbodjäntan (1978)

Alternate Titles
Come Blow the Horn!
Fäbodjäntan eller Ta’ mej i Dalarna
Hot Swedish Summer-Night West Germany, VFL
Director:Joseph W. Sarno as Lawrence Henning

IMDb user comments:

Erotic and funny! 7/10
This is not a regular adult movie although it has most of the aspects of one: Bad acting, poor plot and a low budget. What makes it different, and in my opinion, much better, is that the people in it are not overdone. They are very natural and open, and not as streamlined and plastic as the actors in todays adult movies. The dialog is very direct, and entertaining! One of my favorite quotes is “Shut up, and lick the pussy!”. However, it is not done in a distasteful way, which is often true for most modern adult movies of that kind.
In brief, people are having sex in the beautiful Swedish countryside in the middle of Sweden, and enjoying it.

Legendary! 10/10
This underrated erotic thriller is in my opinion one of the greatest Swedish achievements of the 70s. Idyllic Smaaland sets the backdrop for a tale of human trials and errors. The characters and their destinies will mark you for life.

Originally meant as a meta-commentary to Ingmar Bergmanns films, this production early began to live its own life. An all amateur cast revealed enormous talent, and the director let the script evolve in a Mike Leigh kind of way.