L’aubergine est bien farcie (1981)

Alternate Titles
Empale-moi jusqu’à la garde 1987, Dir. given as Paul Kerman re-release title

Starring: Cathy Stewart, Ingrid Choray, Linda Dull, Lise Pinson (as Lise Moineau), Mika Barthel, Obaya Roberts, Olivia Flores, Patricia Santos, Jacques Gatteau, Guy Royer, Eric Saville, Dominique Irissou
Description: Moanie (Olivia Flores) plays the lead in this one. She is married to Jacques Gatteau. He conducts interviews with ladies who tell him their first sexual encounter (whilst staring at the camera). Meanwhile Moanie has sex with different persons, mostly outside in the sun.
This is a typical Caputo talkie with literary pretentions. The ladies describe verbally their first sexual encounters. Meanwhile we see sex scenes that have no real relation to the story, mostly in a sunny garden or by a sunny pool. Usually the talking ladies masturbate whilst telling their stories. Also included in the sex-scenes are off-screen sexual whisperings of the actors. Very nice photography