O Estripador da Rua Augusta (2014)

O ESTRIPADOR DA RUA AUGUSTA (or, in English, “The Augusta Street Ripper”) is a ‘Torture Porn’ short produced independently in Brazil in 2014, with a ultra-low budget but some interesting people involved in the production.First of all, the star of the show is gorgeous MONICA MATTOS, the most famous Brazilian Porn star (now retired, and here saying ‘good-bye’ to scenes undressed!). She plays a vampire who works as a prostitute in Augusta Street, a popular bohemian spot of São Paulo, Brazil.The short was directed by Felipe M. Guerra – well known in Brazil from producing shorts and feature films filled with gore, homemade special effects and a very peculiar sense of humor, like the slasher spoof “Entrei em Pânico ao Saber o que Vocês Fizeram na Sexta-feira 13 do Verão Passado Parte 2” (already here in CG) – and newcomer Geisla Fernandes.Last but not least, the impressive makeup effects were made by Kapel Furman, the best-known FX technician of Brazil (responsible for the repulsive effects of Coffin Joe’s “Embodiment of Evil” and Dennison Ramalho’s “Amor Só de Mãe”, among other films). The work of Kapel shines during an uninterrupted sequence of torture, when the poor Monica faces drills, mallets, hammers, nails, knives, piercing-tearing and even a hook on the nipple (ouch!).NO CGI! JUST BLOOD, TITS AND PURE FUN!!!