Club 66 (1981)

Club 66 (1981). Herzog Video. Directed by Pit Brinkmann.

Featuring Carol Beauty, Caroline Lenge, Ellen Steinberger, Gerda Shaw, Janine Trudeau, Jessica Stone, Monique, Berber, Sandy Clip, Sonja Cousins, Andrew Kim, Allan Price, Jack Summer, Jack Sandman, Pete Wilson.
Germany published, 1981. Classic Movies, Adult, Straight Sex.

One of the males is Jan Boven.

It’s a sad moment for the members of the exclusive sex club, Club 66, at a cemetery on a cold and grey autumn day. One of them has just passed away and they have gathered now to decide whether it’s time to recruit a new member. But only the best is good enough and a couple of attractive willing girls have to test the candidates.

Christine Black is introduced to us as a door-to-door saleslady trying to sell polaroid cameras to a guy who seems to be quite irresolute. But when she undresses to show off her perfect tits and pussy he changes his mind quickly. After a short blowjob he fucks her reverse cowgirl, cowgirl and spoon style until she jerks him off into her cleavage.

The next hottie, XNK2969, a redhead with a plaited pony tail, seduces the salesclerk at a bike shop. Lightly dressed with a white bike jacket and black high lacquer boots, she’s nailed on a bike and wanks him off by hand.

A hotel guest is spoiled by the special attention given by the female receptionist (XNK2971) who has mixed up the guests and rooms. She follows him to his room and takes a cowgirl ride.

Another one discovers a busty Latina (XNK2970) in his bath tub and they continue on the carpet. Meanwhile the curious room maid (Heidi [6]) who has spied through the keyhole starts pleasuring herself. When she sees a guy (the intended candidate, Jan Boven) approaching she gives him a blowjob before she takes a reverse doggy and jerks him off on her belly.

The next victim is a car mechanic who’s seduced by a skinny redhead (XNK4557).

The league of gentlemen (who always wear black Lone Ranger style masks, the type that make the wearer look as if they have black eyes) now have to make up their minds. They send ‘Nr.2’ an invitation for an interview. They tell the curious but unsuspecting guy that they are looking for some kind of discreet secretary and he agrees.

Not knowing that the testing continues he is sent to the headquarters where a female employee (XNK4582) shows him his new office. On the desk he finds her panties. He immediately phones her to come over. When she appears she’s already naked. She sits down on his desk, takes a sheet of paper and writes down: ‘ich möchte dich bumsen’ (I’d like to fuck you). He returns: ‘warum nicht?’ (why not?). He then takes her on the desk.

Next he’s sent to a busty domina (Adi Apffel) who will give him special treatment observed by the club members. First she blows him then he masturbates her with a dildo. She takes a ride and jerks him off on her thighs.

When he returns to the club he’s already expected by the others who have invited another horny girl (Jutta Eimann). Her body is covered in fancy cake as she masturbates in front of the audience. One of the gentlemen opens the envelope from the domina which contains some pubic hair of the candidate. They give him the mask and welcome the new member. He finally fucks the girl and cums on her tits.