Teenage Deviate (1976)

Annie Sprinkle is spotlighted as the title character of TEENAGE DEVIATE. Annie deserves (and often got) better: see her Joe Sarno pictures.

She’s only recently re-located to New York City, and has a tale of woe that is titillating, illustrated for us in a series of XXX flashbacks. Title is intentionally misleading (normal porn procedure), actually a merely “affectionate” name for her from her mom.

Annie’s various tics, including making little-girl faces, childish body language, and endless smiling, are in full force here, becoming quite annoying and forced. There’s only a brief moment late in the film, when she becomes angry, where Annie sheds these hokey mannerisms and seems to be doing some real acting.

First flashback shows her in the backyard giving a boy a blow job, apparently interrupted by her mom. The blond stud also spanks her, a very timid display indeed.

Annie demonstrates her famed Golden Shower technique in Segment #2, but it is so poorly photographed (she remains entirely out of frame throughout) that the fans for this fetish are 100% cheated.

Film’s main plot begins in earnest with her moving in with cousin Audrey, played by Nikki Hilton, a buxom actress who comes off far better than Annie in the film. Annie is at first raped (sort of, this being porn where the “victims” are almost immediately won over) by Audrey’s boy friend Hank (mighty unappealing Ed Marshall). Later rightly accused of trying to steal Hank away, Annie is beat up by Audrey in perhaps the fans’ favorite scene.

Boring and repetitious, the movie is padded with a listless orgy sequence, injected for a lesbian mixed-combo initiation for Annie. She later goes out on a date with a white-suited creep (his look anticipates Travolta in Saturday NIGHT FEVER by a year or two). The cad mistreats her, not in an S&M way, but standard “wham bam thank you man” callousness. Annie feels she’s learned a lesson, cut to “THE END” card.

Acting, especially Annie’s, is terrible in this film, as befits the haphazard junk that pornographer Leonard Kirtman was known for. As far as writer-director “Ralph Ell” is concerned, his meager efforts like this picture and TOO HOT TO HANDLE pale in comparison to his production of SEX WISH, the notorious roughie.

  • Scene 1. Annie Sprinkle, Ras Kean
  • Scene 2. Nikki Hilton, Ed Marshall
  • Scene 3. Nikki Hilton, Unknown Male 5529
  • Scene 4. Annie Sprinkle, Ed Marshall
  • Scene 5. Annie Sprinkle, Barbara Bush, De Laine Young, Tanya Tickler, Ed Marshall, John Bush
  • Scene 6. Nikki Hilton, David Ruby
  • Scene 7. Annie Sprinkle, David Ruby, Ed Marshall, John Bush
  • Scene 8. Annie Sprinkle, Helgar Pedrini