O Analista de Taras Deliciosas (1984)

“O Analista de Taras Deliciosas” (something like “The Analyst of Delicious Sexual Deviations”, in portuguese) was directed by Fauzi Mansur in 1984, and it’s kind of a porn spoof of the 70’s and 80’s american series “Fantasy Island”. the two leading roles of the movie are played by actors Alan Fontaine and Chumbinho (the infamous star of such films like “As Taras do Mini Vampiro” and “Fuk Fuk à Brasileira”, the most active midget in 80’s brazilian porn movies). When both appear in the first scene of the film wearing white suits, the viewer has already seen the director’s source of inspiration.

The island paradise of the series is replaced in the film by a clinic that works in a sort of ranch, due to the low budget of the production.

A lot of strange and outrageous situations take place in the clinic while the “patients” are trying to satisfy their sexual needs: A nymphomaniac wants to have sex with a vampire. Another girl is happy to put strange objects into her vagina. A moviegoer wants to have a night of pleasure with actress Elizabeth Taylor. A perv dreams about going to bed with a nun. Another wants to represent the gunslinger Billy the Kid while making sex. A married woman wants to be kidnapped by men with huge dicks. The clientele is formed also by a sadomasochistic couple, a man who takes pleasure in seeing his woman at the hands of another man and a helpless cripple.

This is a weird and funny film (much more for portuguese speakers), and the so caled patient’s deviations may not be delicious as the title suggests, but for sure they are hilarious!