Vibrations sexuelles (1977)

Alternate Titles
Sensual Vibrations
Vibrations sensuelles an incorrect title as the credit sequence clearly says ‘sexuelles’ – and this in the Italian version
Vibrazione sessuale 1977
Vibrazioni 1977

Alban has lost the lust for love. A female psychiatrist helps him to find the meaning of life and sex once more.

This is the official French dvd version of this film from Alpha France.

Starring: Alban Ceray, Brigitte Lahaie, Maude Carolle, Emmanuelle Rivière, Myriam Watteau, Rachel Mhas, Elisabeth Pelin & Catherine Castel.

Emmanuelle Rivière, credited either as Myriam Wateau or Elisabeth Blin, is the brunette in first scene.

Alban watches Maude Carolle and Emmanuelle Rivière then has sex with Maude Carolle.

Catherine Castel, Rachel Mhas and a dusky brunette (XNK0431) have a foursome with Alban.

Brigitte Lahaie seems to be Alban’s psychiatrist or similar, but they end up having sex and marrying.

Director:Jean Rollin as Michel Gentil