The Senator’s Daughter (1978)

After a serious car accident, a secret service agent undergoes experimental surgery and becomes fitted with a bionic eye, left arm, legs, and a 12-inch ‘member’ and then assigned to find a kidnapped senator’s teenage daughter. Here is another smut makeover of a 1970’s television series. The series being lampooned here is ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’. Leslie Bovee is the titular character. Russian-speaking agents have kidnapped her. Their idea is to transform her, & some other women they have abducted, into ‘fully controlled seduction units’. A major in the Alpha Project is working with a team of doctors to create a bionic man whom they can operate; so as to infiltrate the compound where the women are being held. John C. Holmes is driving home with an admiring female who can’t resist inhaling his famous cock. John C. loses concentration as she does this. He crashes into the back of a truck. His consort bites down on his cock and gags to death. But this puts John C. into the Alpha Project. Amongst other accoutrements, John C. is given a bionic cock. Will John C. manage to penetrate the compound and free the women before they are brainwashed? What do you think? I will not give away the stunning ending to this movie. Film duration: 72 minutes-Hardcore content: 10-15 Minutes.

The Senator’s Daughter is a lot of fun but it’s a little disappointing as a porno. Yes, normally the sex scenes in classic porn aren’t as long or defined as in modern porn but they’re even less so here. I’d barely consider it to have four scenes in the movie. Like with most classic adult films, a lot of the sex is fairly chopped up. It’s a nice change since you don’t always know who’s going to hook up. Some scenes are very short to lead into another scene, such as Dr. Kilchare (Allan Ball) jerking off on a nurse (Monique Little) who then goes to another nurse for a little sympathy. There’s also things you don’t see today due to some of the regulations put on the adult film industry. The henchmen molest Leslie in the car after they kidnap her and later the terrorist (Burham Tey) actually rapes her. It’s done fairly tame and it doesn’t appear that there’s any penetration but it’s still a rape. The Senator’s Daughter is basically an adult version of The 6 Million Dollar Man with John Holmes in the title role. When terrorists kidnap an influential senator’s daughter (Leslie Bovee), as well as several other Washington insiders with top secret information, the Alpha Project goes into action. The only thing missing is a subject to operate on, however when erotic film star John Holmes suffers a terrible accident, they convince him to become their subject. They outfit him with a bionic eye, leg, arm and cock. The bionic eye can fire a laser beam and the cock can even fire a poison dart. Sound cheesy? It is but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Even the effects are cheesy however they’re pretty good for the age of the film and the low budget. The film is laced with humor and it really helps make the film work. When John’s driving down the road the radio in his car is tuned to KOCK radio. The doctors also joke about testing out the bionic cock on a monkey. Humor even enters the sex scenes. When The Senator’s Daughter was made adult films actually had plot and the sex normally fits around the plot. Softcore-wise, Monique Little and a nurse at the hospital with a great stage name (Buff Lesbos) have an encounter. There is also a softcore rape of Leslie Bovee and John has some mild softcore action with a couple of girls in a swimming pool during his “training”. Finally, there is a soft romp in a pool between a man and a woman at the enemy’s lair.