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The Story of Prunella (1982)

The Story of Prunella is a twisted tale to come from the demented mind of Phil Prince and is one of the better films that he made during his short career just before the fall of the Avon empire. In this film, convicts ‘Quick’ Jimmy Connors (George Payne), Victor ‘The Knife’ Delgado (David Christopher), and Johnny ‘The Kid’ Mendoza (Martin Patton) escape from East Gate Penitentiary. Paul (Ron Jeremy), a cop who is engaged to Prunella (Ambrosia Fox), and his partner Lou (William Hunt) are assigned to hunt them down. The team of convicts run into Prunella (East Gate Penitentiary warden’s daughter) and her mother Denise (Dixie Dew) and take them hostage. Prince has put together a decent flick making good use of locations, editing, and outdoor scenes to create a nice looking end product. His use of talented actors help as well, most notably Ron Jeremy and George Payne. Payne practically steals the film with the scary intensity that he brings to his role.
The film has some odd sound effects, like the odd laughter at the beginning of Jeremy and Fox’s scene. Farting sounds, which also show up in other films by Prince, will also leave the viewer wondering. There are some nice elements of humor mixed in, like with Cyrus Kincade (Marc Roberts), the prison warden, and the rookie prison guard’s (Phil Prince) conversation. However, not the previously mentioned fart sounds, which honestly come across as a sad attempt at juvenile humor. The Story of Prunella is not the most erotic adult film ever made, but it worth watching as a B-exploitation film. The story itself is dark and the majority of the sex scenes fall into the realm of dark as well since they involve rape and forced sex. As is common with Prince’s scripts, there is an issue that some of the events happen a little too conveniently. Still though, it is a well crafted little tale which is worth checking out.

CAST: Ambrosia Fox, George Payne, Dixie Dew, Ron Jeremy, Cheri Champagne, Niko, David Christopher, Joey Karson, Martin Patton, Marc Roberts, William Hunt, Phil Prince & Brian O’Hara (Voices)

“Three violent escaped convicts on the run from the law break into a house where a young woman is being given a wedding shower, and they proceed on a rampage of violence, rape and sexual assaults. George Payne as the “leader” of the convicts is over-the-top as usual – but it really works for him in this role. Ron Jeremy as Prunella’s fiancé and the cop that is out to catch the escapees also turns in a decent performance during his non-sex scenes. The rape scene between Payne and Prunella really stands out as being extremely realistic as Prunella struggles, spits on, slaps, and fights back against her assailant. Recommended to the “roughie” enthusiast.” Simply put, the film center on a young woman about to be married, played by teeny surrogate Ambrosia Fox, who is kidnapped and raped by a group of convicts just escaped from her daddy’s prison. Now that basic premise is intriguing enough to have been done well by any director, but when it’s Phil Prinz you get the additions of the girl’s mother, who dreams of being dominated viciously by her daughter’s prospective hubby and being forced to fellate the gangsters to prepare them for the vengeance rape. You get Prunella tied to a table and tortured with clothespin nipple clamps. You get an anal gang-bang performed by three guys with very large salamis on the very tight bung of the truly tiny and tied up Ambrosia Fox, plus some of the foulest, meanest, most unremittingly degrading sex talk this side of Purgatory. For example, “Bitch, I want you to lick her and get her ready for me”, barks head crook, George Payne and the script notes that Prunella goes down on her cousin “like a sex-starved priest.”

Date: November 12, 2021
Actors: Ron Jeremy