Les hôtesses du sexe (1976) Michel Barny

aka * Aerolineas sexuales

  • Love Airline USA
  • Sex Airlines
    this is the English dubbed version, missing about 15 mins like the other alpha france reissues.
  • Carole Gire
  • Emmanuelle Rivière plays the co-pilot
  • Erika Cool as Erika, plays the third air hostess
  • Karine Gambier plays the second air hostess
  • Maude Carolle as Maud Hunt, plays the pilot
  • Siegried Cellier plays Virginie, passenger in the plane
  • Véronique Maugarski plays the first air hostess
    • Thierry de Brem plays Paul
  • Robert le Ray plays the millionaire
  • Guy Royer plays the emir
  • Jacques Insermini plays the first American
  • Madou Sall plays the second American
  • Jean-Louis Vattier plays Jean Loup
  • Michel Buffler plays ‘l’original’ (maybe the contortionist)

Véronique Maugarski and Erika Cool are meant to be girls from Sweden who go to Paris and see an advert for air hostesses – no experience necessary. The airline seems to be selling mile-high club experiences. The in-flight movie is a porn film (the same one as the family watch in Shocking!) and the hostesses have sex with the passengers and the female pilots with each other. The passengers include an Arab sheikh, two ‘American’ men in cowboy hats, an old millionaire and a swinging couple, plus a man who only wants to sleep (Jean-Louis Vattier). There are flashbacks to their previous sexual encounters of the passengers.