Viaggio d’affari (1994)

The Penguin DVD is essentially the same as the original, with the slight difference that the linking-sequence with Anna Bartus and Olivia- which is anyway non-sex- has been cut; additionally Victoria Queen can briefly be glimpsed in the first link-scene. The disc’s runtime is just over 89 min.

The credits seem largely original with the exceptions that the title ‘Sex Business’ and a directorial credit for ‘Pierre B.Reinhard’ (sic) have been superimposed in pink lettering. The introductory sequence is long-windedly and fatuously self-aggrandizing, trumpeting P.V.M., Boccacccio Productions, Theobroma Cinematografica, someone called Carlo Mozart… wife, my therapist…..OK, perhaps not the last two.

Given that there is only one sex-role male these credits seem a little OTT: Boris Bianco, Roberto Vigliotti, Maurizio Pennisi, Alain Doriet, Maxim Marki, Adamo Barni.


  1. Aliona (BJ, masturbation), Bianco.
  2. Elisabetta (anal), Bianco.
  3. Anna, Giorgia (no actual visible sex).
  4. Lulu (cunnilingus), Bianco.
  5. Lulu (mild bondage, anal), Bianco.
  6. Lulu (BJ), Bianco.
  7. Valentina (anal), Bianco.
  8. Lulu (BJ), Valentina (b/g), Bianco.