Meninas, Virgens e P… (Troca de Óleo) (1983)

From IMDb by ScottFromModesto-

Cult porn director Sady Baby gives up another slice of rapey sleaze in this outing. He was known for giving parts in his films to druggies, drunks, and bums out of the gutters of São Paulo. Man, does it show–talk about some people that just got beaten with the ugly stick.

Sady takes the reigns again in this one as a scummy misanthrope who gets out of the slammer and goes on a rape and murder spree for revenge against the cats who got him thrown in jail and their women. The first scene has Sady and his bunkie watching two other fellows getting it on in their jail cell which leads to a stinky conclusion. Plenty of stabbings, drownings, and broken bottle slashings grace the screen in this bisexual roughie.

It should be noted that some of the male performers do not quite rise to the occasion, especially a drunken old curmudgeon seen in the swinging Troca de Óleo sex club. That guy came to the party packing about an inch and a half, by the way.