Ein Flotter Sexer (1970)

Featured loops:

1. Rubin Film No.R1 – Schwarzer Orgasmus
German loop directed by Hans Bilian. German dubbed language.
Featuring: Patricia Rhomberg
Not Patricia’s best appearance but i like her since Josefine Mutzenbacher, Kasimir der Kuckuckskleber…

2. Golden Girls Film No.84 – Quiver Toosh
US loop from the Golden Girls serie. English language.
Featuring: Shauna Grant, Ron Jeremy
Shauna looks great imo.

3. US 3some Hospital Loop
Do not know label and title of this US loop. Perhaps Showgirl, Joys of Erotica,… English language.
Featuring: Marlene Willoughby, Veri Knotty
A life gets saved in the Vanessa del Rio Memorial Clinic.

4. Professional Film No.? – Die Erlebnisse der jungen Porno-Regisseurin
German loop. German dubbed language.
Featuring: Claudia Mehringer (love her titties) and also Britt Corvin when i’m not mistaken.
Starts with some classic overacting a la Tony Montana. Film probably shows the cutting table ‘responsable’ for this and other Professional Film loops.

5. Tabu Film No.25 – Happy Massage
German loop. German dubbed language.
This is only the opening loop from Tabu Film No.25 – Happy-Massage + Siams Beach Party (Siamkatzen). The loop is supposed to be the cut up version of Kiss Film No.9 – Happy Massage but i can not confirm. That the loop is cut up is however very likely. He chooses a girl and ends up with a completly different girl. It is more or less used as filler to fill the 100meter Tabu Film No.25.

6. Master Film / Playboy Film No.1743 – Playboy Orgy
Danish loop. German dubbed language.
Featuring: Anne Magle & Christina
Sound track has organ music. You do not hear that anymore nowadays and there is a reason for that.