Soumises et sodomisées elles aiment ça (1983)

Alternate Titles
Biggi – Ein ganz superreifes Früchtchen West Germany
Ingénue perverse Top’X video, 77 mins.
Mia moglie e gli altri Italy, video title
Partouzes en famille Sodomies pour une adolescente Bestix video

Cassis Poivre is dancing in her nightdress to the radio in her bedroom. Ghislaine Plat rings her up. Marie-Christine Chireix and Ghislain Garet (the adoptive parents of Cassis) are in an adjoining bedroom and are awakened by the music.

Marie-Christine gets up and Cassis tries to seduce her in the kitchen. Then Cassis is listening to an erotic story on headphones. She masturbates, then returns to the kitchen and gives the headphones to her mother. A more successful attempt at lesbian seduction follows.

The two join Ghislain Garet in bed briefly. Then Cassis returns to her bedroom, the audio tape and her masturbation, while her parents have sex. She peeps briefly and masturbates again.

Marie-Christine goes out. Cassis takes a bath while her father is shaving in front of the bathroom mirror and she teases and seduces him – blow job in bathroom, full sex in bedroom. Glenne returns, sees them and swallows some pills. Cassis calls the doctor who attends.

She then calls Ghislaine Plat who arrives while the doctor is still present. After her mother has recovered, Cassis gets Ghislaine Plat to seduce the doctor by asking him to examine her vagina. He gets a blow job. Ghislaine Plat leaves. The doctor leaves but sneaks back while the parents and Cassis are having a threesome. He strips and joins in, having sex with Cassis while Marie-Christine has anal sex from Garet.