Échange de femmes pour le week-end (1985)

The credits to this film are illogical (even more so than usual in porn) and vary between the French, American and Italian (stolen or partly faked but overlapping with reality). Mina Houghe plays a prominent role, but is uncredited in the alpha France video, but credited as Mina in the American release which seems to use French credits. Michelle Leska plays a prominent role but is not credited at all. Jessica Stehl appears only in the last quarter of the film but gets top billing in the alpha France video. Isa Dery is credited in the French (in which she appears only briefly, if she has been correctly identified) and in the American version (in which she does not appear at all). In the Italian video she may be Isabelle Delegry, though the other female credit is Danielle Guego, an alias for Cathy Ménard who does not appear. The Italian video has a longer version of an irrelevant scene in which Isa Dery has sex with the young man who has appeared in several Olinka films.

Essentially Gabriel Pontello, André Kay, Mina Houghe and Michelle Leska form two couples who go on holiday to the Alps and swap partners when they arrive. They meet Christophe Clark and Jessica Stehl, a pair of hippies, and have an al fresco orgy.

The seemingly extraneous scene involving Isa Dery and Antony Ray is inserted just after Michelle Leska has met André Kay at an outdoor café.

Isa Dery is also credited in Le Retour de Marilyn, which is how she has been identified, though her role in that is not prominent either. She is also credited in the recent DVD re-release of Bourgeoises mais … Perverses! which makes a lot more sense.

Alternate Titles
Heissblütiges Verlangen DVD available Herzog, 1 hr 30 mins.
Hot Desire US video box title
Hot Desires USA, VCA, 1 hr 14 mins.
Intenzioni Italy, 1 hr 17 mins., different names in credits for the females and a few extra minutes added