Donna? (1990s)

Director: John Mazzanti
Studio: Polyvideo Produzioni S.r.l.

Starring: Gala Orlova, Monica Seller (Monica Carpanese), Walter Toschi, Bryan Peterson
Description: Fred, a successful photographer and reporter, cheats on his girlfriend Natasha with stunning supermodel Luana Harper. Natasha, however, notices this and leaves him while Max, Luana’s cohabitant, suspicious of some anonymous phone calls, manages to surprise in the act. The two flee and Max ponders revenge. Luana is a ex-men. Fred decides to abandon the woman but does not make time because he is involved in a robbery in which a man is killed. Fred is tried and sentenced while Luana, now unscrupulous, settles with an old industrialist who entrusts her with his business. The woman, to get rid of those who are hostile to him within the firm itself, plots a series of plots that will culminate in another murder. But Max is still on Luana’s trail