Excitation au soleil (1978)

Alternate Titles
Caresses au soleil
Concupiscence a video title
Eccitazione carnale Italy
Excitation au soleil title of the soft version, but the hard version on video (Topodis/Alcôve, DEC)
Viens, je suis chaude
Flash excitation blue Italy
Nackt und begehrlich West Germany, Mike Hunter
Naked and Beautiful
Director:Michel Lemoine as John Armando
Notes:Les Réalisations Michel Lemoine / France Continental films then Alpha France, 77 mins.

Plot (From IMDB): A couple awaits for the arrival of their friend and his new fiancee. An attractive woman with long blonde hair shows up and they assume it’s her. The woman has the idea to start screwing everyone in sight. Then when the actual fiancee shows up they assume that she is the hired help and is treated as such. By the time their buddy arrives everyone has pretty much banged everyone else.