The Dancers (1981)

Have you ever enjoyed your work? Really enjoyed your work? If you haven’t, then you must see and meet THE DANCERS. Jackie (John Leslie), road manager of the dancers know as “The Dreams”, takes his entourage to the small town of Key City. The guys are booked at the wild North Point Saloon, owned by the luscious Maxie Roget (Kay Parker) and the action begins.

Georgina Spelvin gives her best performance since “The Devil in Miss Jones”. Spectacularly featured, in possibly her most volcanic-action ever, is the lustful Vanessa del Rio, whose anal and oral escapades have to be seen to be believed. THE DANCERS generates some of the most erotic heat ever displayed in an adult feature.

  • Scene 1. Mai Lin, John Leslie
  • Scene 2. Kay Parker, John Leslie
  • Scene 3. Vanessa del Rio, Randy West
  • Scene 4. Georgina Spelvin, Richard Pacheco
  • Scene 5. Anna Turner, Joey Silvera