Ardeurs perverses (1983)

Alternate Titles
Ardeurs d’été soft version
Heissblütige Körper soft version
Heiße Haut im Sommerwind
Hot Bodies Dir. given as Michel Leblank DVD available USA, Caballero, 87 mins
Libres échanges Alpha Video re-titling
Les Perversions d’un couple marié DVD available Alpha France, 95 min.
Wilde Lust im Sommerwind DVD available Herzog, c. 90 mins.

Gabriel Pontello boards a ship cruising a lake near Zurich. He finds Carole Pierac standing at the bow, and after some discussion of the attractions of Zurich, strips and swives her, barely pausing when the ship’s mate comes to validate his ticket. We cut to an office where Cathy Ménard, Gabriel’s wife, is being propositioned by her boss to spend the upcoming weekend with him at his chalet. (All the other males in this movie are unidentified.) The cruise ends. Gabriel skips out on Carole. He has a dinner date with Cathy. Then he takes her to a cinema in which they (but not us) view the explicit movie White Heat {aka L’Amour Aux Sports d’Hiver}, another movie directed by M. Lemoine and starring Gabriel. Afterward, in a café, Cathy scolds him for his movie selection. Sitting nearby is Marianne Aubert. Gabriel espies a garter on her leg and compliments her appearance. He invites her to join them for another drink, but they decide to recess back to their house. The two females go into the lavatory to take a bath. Gabriel discovers the intimacy and is pulled into the tub for a three-way.

Next morning, Cathy feels distraught. Gabriel encourages her to accept the offer from her boss for that weekend. She does. We cut to Gabriel on the lake-cruising ship again. He encounters two female tourists (Claire Lenoir and Patricia) aboard. They have no reserved room for the night. They accept Gabriel’s offer to stay at his house. That night, Gabriel swives Claire. They are awoken the next morning when Patricia brings in breakfast. This leads to another tag-team scene; but not before Gabriel switches from pussy-to-ass-to-pussy-to-ass {!} on Claire.

At Cathy’s boss’ chalet, he tells her he has invited another couple. But only a male arrives. Just before lunch is served, Cathy is served a strong cocktail which loosens her inhibitions. As the others exit for the first course, Cathy and the other male enjoy a non-caloric brunch by the edge of the swimming pool.

(The Caballero version omits a scene where Cathy’s boss attempts to make love to her, but fails and his friend takes over.)

Later, Gabriel is back at home, and Patricia arrives solo. After champagne, they are into it one-on-one. The door opens again. It is Claire with a “rough trade” male whom she managed to pick up. He is no gentleman in any sense of the word. Patricia is double penetrated with the “rough trade” male in her ass. The “rough trade” male is inexplicably upset afterward. He begins purposely breaking things. Everybody demands he leave. He does. Gabriel remains calm, but he informs Claire and Patricia that they have to move on as well. They depart. Lastly, since this is a French porno, we are cued for the [clichéd] twist ending.