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Paprika (1995)

Alternate Titles
Anal Paprika DVD Tabu
The Last Italian Whore
Marchette anali
Paprika: the Last Italian Whore

Director: Joe D’Amato
Studio: Capital Film, RD Communications

Starring: Erica Bella, Alberto Rey, Philippe Soine, Roberto Malone, Cristina Ganz, Luista Duarte, Suzy Cat, Jean-Yves Le Castel, Dina Pearl, Shalimar
—Packed with over nine full action scenes and shot entirely on film, Paprika stars gorgeous European newcomer Erika Bella in the title role. Set in the free-wheeling days on the roaring 20’s Paprika follows Erika as she begins a new career as a call girl in high-priced bordello. Accompanied by the most whores ever seen in an adult motion picture, Erika rises quickly to the top of her highly competitive field, only to discover in the end that love actually does conquer all. An epic erotic film from acclaimed director Joe D’Amato that’s a must for any X-rated connoisseur
—A woman has a series of trysts and flings with various men until she finds Mr. Right. Right inside of her ass. Anal Paprika is seasoned with a myriad of scenes that contain all of the spicy anal action you could want, especially when it comes down to the super orgy at the end of the movie, where everyone gets down with the get down.
—A young girl begins her life in poverty and loneliness but, through hard work and a lot of luck, finds riches and true love.