Cuentos eróticos (1980)

Eroticism is the common denominator of these nine short films, which range from philosophical to almost pornographic aspects. The film revolves around nine erotic stories, made by nine different directors, which relate to one of the essential concerns of man: sex.

Film composed of 9 stories independent of each other, ten minutes each, all with the common denominator of eroticism. Raised as an intellectual response to the then-fashionable s-rated cinema. Luis García Berlanga intervenes as the guiding thread of them made by young and restless directors, usually coming from critics. The stories in this film are ingenious (such as Colomo and Trueba’s satirical account of Bergman Köñensonatten) and intellectually convincing (such as Martinez Torres ‘ episode “Frac”, which conceives sex as a social rite that, on this occasion, serves to undress).