Private Black Label 24: D.N.A. (2002)

As with a lot of Private’s features, I found the ideas behind this video to be a lot better than the execution. But the execution is not that bad, as it stars Michelle Wild, easily one of the most appealing and gorgeous of Private’s many sex stars, and uses her in a dual role, employing a hoary camera trick to feature her two characters interacting with one another. (No, not like that. Unfortunately.)

Also unfortunately, while Michelle gives her all in the sex scenes, she’s not really a very good actress. (Nor, in an early scene, is she a very good stripper, which is odd since her biography claims that as her career before starting to make adult videos.) In particular, I really think that one of her characters should have shown a bit of shock and awe at how easily the other one — an assassin named Aphrodite — dishes out death.

And for that matter, the whole plot of this video doesn’t really work. The situation is set in motion by “Aphrodite’s” employer to bring her sister to him, but rather than intercepting her, he stands around congratulating himself and allows her to link up with Aphrodite, setting in motion the film’s climax. And why did he want her in the first place? She’s not an assassin, after all.

Still, for pure erotic entertainment, it’s hard to beat a video that features Michelle Wild in nearly every scene. I just wish that it made more sense, particularly the very ambiguous ending …

  • Scene 1. Michelle Wild, Steve Holmes
  • Scene 2. Melody Magic, Claudio Meloni
  • Scene 3. Michelle Wild, Patricia Diamond, Leslie Taylor
  • Scene 4. Michelle Wild, Ian Scott, Steve Hooper
  • Scene 5. Mandy Bright, Tony De Sergio
  • Scene 6. Yuliya, Kyra Cat, Myli, Ian Scott
  • Scene 7. Michelle Wild, Steve Hooper, Tony De Sergio