Couple débutant cherche couple initié (1976)

An Angelo Davis is credited and might be either the male head of the agency or the well-endowed gardener.

Cécile (the name is given once at the very end of the film), a lonely spinster goes to a dating agency to find a man. She gives info about herself – 90.58.88 – and answers questions about whether she likes sodomy among other practices. Notice how the staff get (it) on together next door!

The agency’s computer picks Xavier for her and thus the couple meet. Thanks Mr. Pierson for the live sound. Erika Cool’s real voice! Fine! But the dialogues are just too much! “J’ai tout fait ici”, says Cécile “même ma salopette…”. “C’est une belle salopette”, says Xavier! She’s a Virgo, he’s a Taurus and… They fall for each other and…

Xavier immediately introduces her to his sister who, by the way, is a masseuse. The girls have a few words about Xavier and they start what we are watching this film for. Soon joined by Xavier, brother and sister play with Cécile who is totally accepted.

Six months later, the couple are back at the agency. They are OK but feel a bit isolated and are looking for friends. The staff introduce them to a couple also looking for friends (John Oury and Cécile Lesseur?). As both couples get closer, two girls from the staff take care of a more-than-well endowed African gardener. Anyway, Xavier ends up with Barbara and sees no more of Cécile.

One month later Xavier and Barbara go to the agency to report how satisfied they are. But the computer can’t be wrong and Barbara just cannot be the ideal wife for Xavier. Time will tell…

Six months later, the couple are back, again looking for friends. The agency provides couple number 5, Gabriel Pontello and Keïko, a Japanese girl totally devoted to her master. She uses some sort of strangling (anyone seen Nagisha Oshima’s L’Empire des Sens aka In the Realm of the Senses / Ai no corrida?) on her partner which arouses Xavier’s interest. She performs it on him too and Xavier falls for her.

Back at the agency, they are told that the computer never fails as Keiko is Cécilia in a black wig and Asian makeup. (How could I fail to see that cool body under that painted face?).

All’s well that ends well! It will be Xavier and Cécile for ever, then.