La Fine dell’innocenza (1976)

Italian filmmaker Massimo Dallamano, who reached cult status with the intriguing 1971 thriller “What Have They Done to Solange?”, directed this routine softcore exploitation film starring Annie Belle (“Laure”) as an impotent businessman’s mistress. She travels to Hong Kong with him, but is left up a creek without a paddle when he is financially ruined. Ciro Ippolito co-stars in the British-Italian co-production from sleaze impresario Harry Alan Towers with Pier Luigi Conti (aka “Al Cliver”), Ines Pellegrini, and former Western star Rik Battaglia.

AKA: Teenage Emanuelle

Gorgeous Annie Belle plays Annie, a 17 year old mistress of an impotent, middle-aged financier called Michael. She accompanies him on a trip to Hong Kong but when his business interests collapse Annie ends up destitute. She is befriended by a group of socialites and begins her rite of passage in their world. This softcore outing from Massimo Dallamano is a must have for fans of Annie Belle. Also stars Maria Rohm, Al Cliver & Felicity Devonshire.